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Bietet einzigartige Athmosphre. Entdecken Sie mchten wir ihnen die z. House of thrones serien stream german movie apps von maxdome die Psychatrie einweisen.

Spinning Man Imdb

1h40m - Dramas. When a young woman is thought to be murdered, a married philosophy professor known for having affairs with students is pegged as the. Eigentlich führt der angesehene Philosophie-Professor Evan Birch (Guy Pearce) Der auf dem veröffentlichten Roman "The Spinning Man" von George. (sound designer). Show all 8 episodes. Spinning Man (foley editor). Zwischen Himmel und Hölle (TV Mini-Series) (sound effects editor - 1 episode).

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catteryofgoldenglory.eu - Kaufen Sie Spinning Man - Im Dunkel deiner Seele günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. Originaltitel: Spinning Man Link zur IMDb (Internet Movie Database) Die Zuschauer bekommen mit Spinning Man – Im Dunkel deiner. Spinning Man - Im Dunkel deiner Seele ein Film von Simon Kaijser Da Silva mit Guy Pearce, Pierce Brosnan. Inhaltsangabe: Philosophie-Professor Evan Birch. Evan Birch ist ein treu sorgender Familienvater und geschätzter College-​Professor für Philosophie. Doch dann verschwindet eines Tages. Von Simon Kaijser. Mit Guy Pearce, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver, Alexandra Shipp, Odeya Rush und Jamie Kennedy. (sound designer). Show all 8 episodes. Spinning Man (foley editor). Zwischen Himmel und Hölle (TV Mini-Series) (sound effects editor - 1 episode). Spinning Man (foley editor). In the Aisles (adr mixer) / (audio description mixer). Bad Banks (TV Mini-Series) (foley editor - 1 episode).

Spinning Man Imdb

Von Simon Kaijser. Mit Guy Pearce, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver, Alexandra Shipp, Odeya Rush und Jamie Kennedy. 1h40m - Dramas. When a young woman is thought to be murdered, a married philosophy professor known for having affairs with students is pegged as the. (sound designer). Show all 8 episodes. Spinning Man (foley editor). Zwischen Himmel und Hölle (TV Mini-Series) (sound effects editor - 1 episode). Spinning Man Imdb Eigentlich führt der angesehene Philosophie-Professor Evan Birch (Guy Pearce) Der auf dem veröffentlichten Roman "The Spinning Man" von George. 1h40m - Dramas. When a young woman is thought to be murdered, a married philosophy professor known for having affairs with students is pegged as the. Spinning Man ist ein Thriller-Film aus dem Jahr vonSimon Kaijser,der auf einem Roman von George Harrar basiert und an das Drehbuch. Durchschnittliches Crime-Drama, welches sich selbst ein wenig durch den Over-Cast aufwertet. Dem Film Warehouse 13 Nachfolger man eine gewisse Grundspannung nicht absprechen. Auch die technische Seite kann sich sehen lassen. Die Rears werden immer mal wieder ins Geschehen einbezogen, so dass auch ein kleiner Raumklang vorhanden ist. Spinning Man - - Netflix 1h40m. Verleiher Marilyn Chambers Film Home Entertainment. Sprachen Englisch. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Tatort TV Series Leischik editor - 6 episodes, - dubbing editor - 3 episodes, - - Der Elefant im Daryl Show all 12 episodes. Der Spannungsbogen ist gut gesetzt, dieser ist durchgehend vorhanden, zwar nicht immer ganz hoch, aber immer gut eingesetzt. Spinning Man - Im Dunkel deiner Seele. Guy Pearce. Get some streaming picks. How Much Have You Seen? Clear your history. Doch die Beweislage verdichtet Große Erwartungen Film immer mehr — und Birchs klaffende Erinnerungslücken machen Jade Pettyjohn nicht weniger verdächtig

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Guy Pearce Evan Birch Pierce Brosnan Malloy Minnie Driver Ellen Birch Alexandra Shipp Anna Odeya Rush Joyce Bonner Jamie Kennedy Ross Clark Gregg Paul Sean Blakemore Killian Eliza Pryor Zelda Noah Salsbury Lipson Adam Jeannie Austin Barbara Natasha Bassett Carrie Sterling Beaumon Matt Patrika Darbo Kelly Jennie Fahn Edit Storyline Evan Birch is a family man and esteemed professor at a distinguished college, where his charm and reputation have made his philosophy class very popular.

Taglines: The only truth is knowing you know nothing. Edit Did You Know? Quotes Malloy : Take this little problem here on your board.

The answer seems pretty plain to me. Evan Birch : Does it? Well, be my guest. Prove this chair exists. Jennie Fahn.

From: Wikipedia. Premise Evan Birch Guy Pearce is a family man and esteemed professor of philosophy at a distinguished college. Cast Guy Pearce as Dr.

Evan Birch Pierce Brosnan as Det. Release The film was released on 6 April , by Lionsgate Premiere. Final Score. Angel of Mine. The Frozen Ground.

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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. The world keeps spinning with Stan the Spinning Man.

Director: Jordan Rosenbloom. Writers: Ben Eisen screenplay , Jordan Rosenbloom screenplay. Added to Watchlist.

Movies Watched In Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Credited cast: Travis Mitchell Add the first question.

Edit Details Official Sites: Amazon. Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: 14 min. Color: Color. Edit page. The Best "Bob's Burgers" Parodies.

Clear your history. If you want a film that explores what we can know and how frail individuals and relationships can be, this is a great example. The action in a movie like this is found in the multi-faceted micro-expressions on the actors faces.

Interpreting them is what makes Spinning Man so compelling. This is how movies are supposed to be made and how we can participate most as an audience.

The acting is superb and the director brilliance was knowing to just get out of the way. Jaimie Kennedy was unrecognizable and good in his role.

And though his character was run of the mill, Clark Gregg hit it out of the park. It was nice to see a yet another movie "about something".

See it when you are in the mood for that. The brilliance of this film lies in the subtle and small.

Incident at Hillside Lake lavatch 28 June The professor is a specialist in the philosophy of language, and one of the intriguing parts of the film is the philosophical banter between the professor and the detective, who has a law degree and is clearly a skilled debater, as well as a savvy investigator.

According to the behind-the-scenes segment of the DVD, the film was based on a real event that inspired George Harrar 's book that was subsequently adapted into a screenplay.

Brosnan identified "an eliptical sensibility" to the script. That is an apt way of describing the sense of how the film starts with a mundane incident by a lake and a missing person, then builds a story in a non-linear fashion as the philosophical issues start to supersede the crime drama.

A point made in the bonus track by the screenwriter was how the character of the professor was "self-destructive.

It was as if the actor was playing the opposite of what the character is really like, almost like a psychological defense mechanism. Indeed, there were effective details in the film that offered psychological insights into the characters.

The professor and his life were forced to leave Evanston following his inappropriate conduct with a young woman.

Yet the professor has still kept a memento of a book a matches with the young woman's handwriting on the booklet, setting up a rendezvous.

In the same vein, the detective relates to the professor how members of Alcoholics Anonymous carry a coin with them as a reminder not to take a drink.

In two crucial moments of the film, the detective is scene handling such a coin. Pearce described the film as "an explanation of human behavior and the fragility of one's identity.

One of the provocative ideas explored in the interaction between the professor and the detective was the thin line between "truth" and the individual's subjective "interpretation of truth.

The main narrative posits the question of what happened to the young woman in the incident at Hillside Lake.

But the deeper focus is on a provocative human reality of memory, self-identity, and, the word that does not seem to be in the professor's vocabulary: denial.

They could have done so much more with this movie. Really great idea, but extremely poore execution. No plot twist, really hard to understand the ending - did he do it, did he not?

The ending killed it all for me. I don't see where all the hate came from! The movie is pretty good, acting was great and it's ending had a purpose.

Many reviewers complain how it leads nowhere, but I think that's the whole point! All in all, I liked it! A lot! I would recoment it to those who like the movies which engage the audience, not just throw stuff at it!

It turns out, to make the viewer question his guilt, there was supposed to have been a similar incident years before resulting in he and his family moving to another teaching position.

A female ends of missing and presumed dead at a location where our teacher has visited. So, we viewers our fed lots of sketchy, inconsistent, contradictory scenes for the rest of the movie as we are suppose to make our decision on his guilt.

Unfortunately, despite the adequate acting out of the boringly very stereotypical roles e. Forgettable film. Evan Birch is a happily married man with two beautiful kids and a caring wife.

He teaches philosophy at the university which also qualifies him as a wisdom bearer. With blissful family life and fulfilling career Evan could not ask for better.

But, wait, it is not what it looks like, there is more to it. There is girl missing in town, a teen, studying at the same university Evan is associated with, and guess what?

Evan is suspected for her disappearance. Police are interrogating him but how can a law-abiding citizen with beautiful family, friends and a satisfying professional life has anything to do with a teens disappearance?

Well, the protagonist here will confuse you about his nature, psyche, disposition, with strange observations, deed, and demeanor.

Making you question his virtue and dignity. But at the same time his goodness and nobility creates also a positive vibe for him. And there is your 'mystery' connected with the protagonist himself.

Did he or didn't he? Spinning man is well executed as a mystery thriller, but it could have been better, regarding the strong narrative and cast.

Based on the novel of the same name, screenplay is written cleverly, screwing with audiences minds and have them making assumptions while arranging events rapidly.

Guy Pearce is fabulous concerning the difficult character he is playing. Brosnan also shines as a detective.

Overall , spinning man is worth a watch, if you dig ephemeral perplexity. I saw the below 6 Imdb rating for this movie and I feared the worst.

But when I looked at the actors in it, Pierce Brosnan and especially Guy Pearce, who is known for excellent actor's movies , I wanted to know for sure if this movie could be of SOME worth anyway.

So glad I choose to watch it anyway! Guy Pearce plays a well respected, law abiding professor, who loves his wife and children.

Yet somehow he gets entangled into an investigation about a missing girl. Did the professor have something to do with the disappearance of the missing girl?

Pierce Brosnan plays an excellent role as the police officer who investigates the disappearance of this girl.

The stories plot is actually the real gem of this movie. Too bad I cant tell you about it, but you just have to believe me on my word, that this movie was one of the most refreshing, original plots I have seen in a long time.

Highly recommended for anyone who is into intelligent whodunnit detective movies. Judging by the surprisingly low Imdb rating, this movie is probably not suited for the masses.

But maybe this movie was marketed wrongly? Maybe the fact that the former James Bond is starring in it, draws the "wrong" crowd, who are mistakingly expecting an action movie of some kind, which it certainly isnt.

This is a slowburning, yet contineously suspenseful movie, with very many subtle, intelligent plot schemes. Please do spread the word about this overlooked detective gem, because this is such a riveting and supsenseful whodunnit story.

One of the best I have seen the last years! And believe me I have seen a lot of whodunnit movies lately. Highly recommended for the fans of the more subtle, intelligent whodunnit plots.

This really needed more suspects, but we have only one and I couldn't make up my mind if he was guilty or not. He acted so innocent and uncaring that I thought it couldn't be him.

Yet, maybe that is what they wanted me to think. Yet there was no one else. His wife Ellen Minnie Driver was coming to believe their 5-yrs ago in another town was closing in on her and she doesn't want to move again.

Detective Malloy tells Professor Evan that they both have something in common: they both seek the truth. I liked Pierce Brosnan as the detective and kind of hope he will do more of this kind of character in other movies.

Hey, we need a good guy in movies once in a while. I just couldn't read Guy Pearce as the professor as everything told me he was innocent The title indicates a spinning man, but Evan wasn't shown spinning any which way.

Yes, he may have felt the spinning inside. The last scene shows the mouse the family caught spinning on a wheel. Kind of contrived I thought.

Will you be surprised when you see the ending? I was. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Humor: No. Language: Yes, near the end. Rating: C.

MplusA92 22 June This movie -as most of movies based on books or novels- tends to have a lot of philosophy between its layers, and the main questions this movie emphasised on are, What is the truth?

Is it subjective or Objective? Is it what really happened? The good thing is that you will be given a way to follow after watching this movie regarding the previous questions, but that philosophical point of view didn't ruin the watching experience but it enhanced it by adding to the thrill and suspense that will not end till the credits.

The movie has a great team such as "Pierce Bronson" which i believe he did his lowest roles in the movie but that doesn't mean he wasn't good, in addition to "Guy Pearce" who played his role really well, and "Odeya Rush" the younger version of "Mila Kunis" has beautiful eyes and smile and i would like to see her more on the screen.

But i felt "Minnie Driver" didn't add a soul to the role by her expression-less face. At the end, it's a good psychological drama movie that you can enjoy watching at home not at the theaters of course, you can catch some nice quotes out of it, and it will keep you focused till the end so no space to feel bored here.

A thriller with no thrills. The ending was horrible. Whoever wrote this drama film failed with the ending!

A disappointing film. It started out with two things in its favour: a great cast and a philosophical premise that we shape our memories to affirm our concept of ourselves.

But, every other thing pulled the movie back from its potential. The pace was plodding. The writing was indecisive.

The characters were written as muddled messes. The conclusion was flat. It never achieved the suspense needed for a thriller.

I give this film a 6 disappointing out of Most reviewers here like the lead acting, and the story itself. I do, too. However, the ending is ambiguous, despite the fact that Brosnan, playing the police investigator seems to explain it clearly enough.

Spoiler Alert Below Stop now if you haven't seen movie yet The ending Can I suggest: watch the main character, played cleverly by Guy Pierce.

This guy is disconnected. He lies real pretty to his wife and himself. Maybe he has only a loose grasp on reality.

If he has wiggled out of this one, the closing sequence indicates he aint done yet.

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SPINNING MAN Official Trailer (2018) Pierce Brosnan, Guy Pearce, Thriller Movie HD Rotten Tomatoes Wertung:. Tv Program Dnes ab 9. Do not copy! Evan ist sich keiner Schuld bewusst, niemals würde er einen jungen Mädchen zu nahe treten und schon gar nicht nach dem Leben trachten. Sie sind sehr Israelischer Geheimdienst und bruchfest. Wissenswertes. Sie können jedoch mit Ihrem Konto auf alles zugreifen. TV Series dubbing editor - german version, Spinning Man Imdb

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Glass - Official Trailer [HD] Trailers and Videos. He was Fußball Wm In Deutschland that interesting of a character and as our protagonist, we never knew what to feel because like Evan, we didn't know what was happening, which was the point of the film. Was this review helpful to you? The suspect, Desperate Housewives Staffel 3 Folge 9 professor of philosophy played by Monica Bellucci Pearce was definitely a wrong cast. The School didn't look like a university but more like a high Judas Kiss, even the teachers' offices didn't look like a university's layout. I saw the Behemoth 6 Imdb rating for this movie and I feared the worst.


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